Fury / Hybrid Werewolf Build

Art by hupao

The Fury Werewolf is a Druid build that focuses on the skills Fury and Werewolf while having a very large Health pool. It has the ability to reach more than 5,000 health points at the endgame. Because this builds leaves many spare points, many players prefer to max out Hurricane spell in order to deal with physical immune enemies. This kind of build is also known as Hybrid Werewolf.

Another advantage of this build is that you can invest your points in the Vitality and Strength attributes and still have a high attack speed thanks to the Werewolf skill.

Fury / Hybrid Werewolf Skills

The Fury/Hybrid Werewolf’s main skills that need 20 points are the following:

  • Fury: This is the primary attack skill. You should max out this skill as because of increased attack rating, damage and the number of enemies being hit.
  • Lycanthropy: It boosts your life points and the duration of the werewolf form, increasing your sustainability. In addition, it provides synergy to the Werewolf skill.
  • Oak Sage or Heart of Wolverine: It’s recommended to max out one of your spirits, depending on your choice. Oak Sage is a more defensive option as it increases your life points. On the other hand, the Heart of Wolverine is a more offensive choice because it lets you and your party hit more often.

The best option to place your remaining points is an Elemental spell. The most popular choice is maxing out the Hurricane spell. This way you can deal with enemies with physical immunities at higher difficulties of the game.

You have to spend some points on the secondary and prerequisites skills as well:

  • Werewolf(5): The attack speed boost drops off after level 5. However, the attack rating increase remains linear, so you can spend more points here after you max out your other primary skills.


  • Rabies (1): It serves only as a prerequisite for Fury.
  • Feral Rage (1+): It’s a prerequisite for Fury but it also provides life steal. While Feral Rage is active, life steal continues to work even if you change to another skill such as Fury.
  • Raven(1): It’s a prerequisite for Grizzly if you decide to spend a few points on your summoning tree.
  • Spirit Wolf and Dire Wolf (1): They are prerequisites for the Grizzly.
  • Grizzly(1+): This skill summons a tough minion that can distract monsters and saves some damage from your character. Although a 1-point bear is considered a weak minion, it can be quite helpful.

Fury / Hyrbid Werewolf Equipment


  • Breath of the Dying


  • Beast


  • Switch: Call To Arms


  • Jalal’s Mane


  • Chains of Honor


  • Bramble


  • Fortitude


  • Dracul’s Grasp


  • Gore Rider


  • Arachnid Mesh


  • Raven Frost


  • Stone of Jordan


  • Highlord’s Wrath

Fury / Hybrid Werewolf Stats

Strength: You should have as much strength as your best equipment requires.

Dexterity: If you want to use a shield, invest points until you achieve the maximum block chance (75%). Otherwise, place enough points to equip the items you desire.

Vitality: The trait of this build is having a large life pool. Thus, invest the majority of your points in this attribute.

Energy: You don’t need to waste any of your points here. You shouldn’t face any problems regarding your mana points, especially at higher levels.


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