Horker Build

diablo 2 horker barbarian build
Art by Sean Bricknell


HorkerThe Gold Find Barbarian, or Gambler is a special Barbarian build that focuses on finding gold and gambling.

Some basic facts you should consider regarding the build:

  • It makes sense to gamble only if your Barbarian is at least level 93.


  • The best way to gather gold is killing Travincal council.


  • The only thing that matters in gambling is the level of your character.


Follow the procedure below to gather gold as fast as possible:


  • Leave all your gold in the stash.


  • Take Travincal waypoint.


  • Activate your War Cries skills and run to the council.


  • If your Mercenary has been left behind, enter Durance of Hate and enter Travincal again.


  • Kill council members using Whirlwind.


  • Use Berserk to kill the physically immune enemies.


  • Use Frenzy in order to kill the mana burners.


  • Then, switch to weapons with an extra gold bonus.


  • Use Find Items skill to search all corpses.


  • Collect all the gold and the valuable items.


  • Repeat the process until you can’t carry any more gold.


It’s time to go gambling! Equip your Edge Runeword for -15% to vendor prices and go to Alkor (Act 3, Kurast Docks). The best items to gamble are tiaras/circlets/coronets, rings, gloves, amulets, belts, and boots.


Horker Build Skills

Your primary skills that you should invest 20 points are:


  • Whirlwind: It’s your main attack.


  • Axe Mastery: It boosts your damage.


  • Battle Orders: It increases your health and mana.


Invest 8-10 points in Find Item skill


Others skills that require just 1 point:


  • Battle Command
  • Bash
  • Berserk
  • Concentrate
  • Double Swing
  • Double Throw
  • Find Potion
  • Frenzy
  • Howl
  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Stamina
  • Leap
  • Leap Attack
  • Natural Resistance
  • Shout
  • Stun

Spend your remaining points on Iron Skin for increased defense.

Horker Build Stats 

  • Strength: You should have enough Strength to wear the best gear.


  • Dexterity: Same as Strength to equip your best weapons.


  • Vitality: Invest all point left here.


  • Energy: Don’t waste any points on


Horker Build Equipment


  • Ethereal Berserker Axe Breath with the Dying RuneWord.
  • Berserker Axe with Beast RuneWord.


Switch Weapons: 2 Blades of Ali Baba with two Lem Runes or a six-socketed weapon inserted with 6 Lem Runes.


Helm: Crown of Thieves inserted with Lem Rune or the Immortal King’s Will with two Lem runes.


Armor: Wealth Rune Word.


Gloves: Chance Guards.


Boots: Infernostride.


Amulet: A rare or a crafted Amulet with 70% extra gold from monsters. It’s even better if it provides  +to all resistances.


Rings: 2 Dwarf Stars


Belt: Goldwrap, preferably upgraded.



  • Annihilus
  • Hellfire Torch
  • Gheed’s Fortune
  • as magic charms with much extra gold and resistances as you can get


For Gambling: a 3 socketed bow with Edge runeword – it reduces all vendor prices by 15% when gambling


Mercenary’s Equipment


  • Weapon: Ethereal War Pike with Breath of the Dying RuneWord.


  • Armor: Fortitude in eth armor with good defense.


  • Helm: Andariel’s Visage with Ral Rune.