Frenzy Barbarian Build

diablo 2 frenzy barbarian build
Art by Redan23

The Frenzy Barb is one of most common builds for the Barbarian in Diablo 2. This build is wielding two weapons and it’s powerful versus single monsters and Bosses. The Frenzy is the main skill and it grants rapid attack and movement speed.

Frenzy Barbarian Pros

  • It is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage.
  • Every swing increases the attack and movement speed, resulting in a greater damage output.
  • It’s much more powerful when fighting versus a single target, in comparison with a Whirlwind Barbarian.
  • The build is similar to Paladin’s Zeal in the way it attacks multiple enemies.

Frenzy Barbarian Cons

  • It’s weak for PvP fights, due to the way the Frenzy skill works
  • It can’t hit as many enemies at once as a Whirlwind Barb can
  • It’s hard to control such a fast movement speed.
  • The only way to deal effectively with physical immunity is the Berserk skill.


Frenzy Barbarian Skills

The Frenzy Barbarian’s primary skills that need 20 points are:

  • Frenzy: The main skill of the build. Every hit boosts your movement and attack speed. Thus, the longer you attack an enemy the more damage you deal.


  • Weapon Mastery: It boosts your attack rating and damage, allowing for critical strike chance.
  • Double Swing: It provides synergy to Frenzy. Also, at higher levels, Double Swing replenishes your mana instead of consuming it. A great skill to use when running out of mana.


  • Taunt: It provides synergy to Frenzy too. In addition, it provokes enemies to enter into melee combat (except Possessed and Oblivion Knights).

You should also invest at least one point in the following skills:

  • Battle Orders: It increases the life, stamina, and mana for you and your allies.
  • Shout: It boosts the defense for you and your party.
  • Battle Command: It raises the whole party’s skill levels by 1 point. Additional points increase only the duration of the skill, so just a point is enough here.
  • Natural Resistance: It increases your resistances, increasing your sustainability. Don’t invest more than 3 points though.
  • Iron Skin: It enchants your defense. Investing only a point is enough.
  • Howl: A crowd control tool. It instills fear in nearby monsters, forcing them to flee away from your character.
  • Battle Cry: It reduces the damage and defense of the enemies. A useful tool for fighting Bosses.
  • Bash: It’s a prerequisite for Frenzy, so it needs 1 point.
  • Double Throw: Also a prerequisite for Frenzy.
  • Berserk: It helps you deal with physical immune monsters, as it converts your physical damage to magical. It provides synergy to Frenzy too.

Optional skills:

  • Increased Stamina: Some players invest one point in order to utilize the Increased Speed.
  • Increased Speed: A useful skill for traveling long distances. It’s not mandatory though.

Frenzy Barbarian Build Items



  • Breath of the Dying: It’s better to combine it with an Ethereal Berserker Axe for maximum damage.
  • Beast: High attack speed, crushing blow Fanaticism aura, and open wounds.
  • Doom: +Skills, open wounds, cold damage, Holy Freeze aura, deadly strike.
  • Last Wish: Might aura, Life Tap, crushing blow.
  • Fury: It boosts Frenzy, deadly strike and open wounds.
  • Stormlash: chance for Static Field and Crushing Blow.
  • Grief: You can place it in a Phase Blade for saving repair costs.
  • Eternity: It’s a good choice if you specialize in wielding maces such as Scourge.
  • Honor: It’s a cheap rune word that is good for a decent melee weapon.

As a Secondary Weapon, you can pick one of the above weapons. It isn’t recommended to use two of the same weapon as you will lose some of the bonuses.


  • Fortitude: For 300% Enhanced Damage
  • Chains of Honor: It offers +2 to all skills and many damage bonuses.
  • Enigma: It provides the ability to Teleport, Magic Finding and +2 to all skills.
  • Duress: An inexpensive choice with open wounds, crushing blow, resistances and cold damage.


  • Arreat’s Face: The best option for your Helmet.
  • Guillaume’s Face: It’s a good alternative that provides crushing blow and deadly strike effects.



  • Steelrend: For crushing blow and enhanced damage.
  • Soul Drainer: For Dual leeching.
  • Dracul’s Grasp: Strength bonus, life leech, life tap and open wounds.
  • Laying of Hands: It provides enhanced damage against demons and fire resistance.


  • Gore Rider: It offers crushing blow, deadly strike, and open wounds.
  • War Traveler: It boosts your stats, damage and magic find.
  • Marrowwalk: It’s a useful choice if you’re missing Dracul’s Grasp or Last Wish because of the life tap charges.


  • Nosferatu’s Coil: For increased attack speed, slowing enemies, and life leech.
  • Verdungo’s Hearty Cord: It boosts your life points.
  • String of Ears: It provides damage reduction and life steal.
  • Thundergod’s Vigor: It grants Vitality and Strength bonuses and absorbs Lightning damage.


  • Highlord’s Wrath: For increased attack speed and deadly strike effect.
  • Mara’s Kaleidoscope: It boosts all resistances and +2 skill bonus.


  • Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band: Life-related attributes and +1 to all skills.
  • Raven Frost: It’s an essential item if you don’t have other sources of ‘Cannot Be Frozen’ effect.


  • Fine Small Charms of Vitality
  • Fanatic Grand Charms or Sounding: +1 Warcries or +1 Masteries.
  • Annihilus
  • Hellfire Torch


Frenzy Barbarian Stats

Strength: Invest enough points until you can equip your endgame items.

Dexterity: Place as many points needed for equipping your favorite weapons.

Vitality: Invest the rest of your points here.

Energy: Don’t spend any points in your mana pool.


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