Our Top 7 Most Annoying Diablo 2 Monsters

diablo 2 annoying monsters
Art by Highdarktemplar

The monsters in Diablo 2 come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and I’m sure most players will agree with us when we say this: some monsters are much more annoying than others! We have compiled our list of the 7 most annoying monsters below:

No. 7: The Fallen

At number 7, we have the fallen. If you happen to be a very experienced, levelled up character then they would be a piece of cake. If you’re just starting out with Diablo 2, then it would be a completely different story. You kill them over and over again; but they just keep coming back at you!

No. 6: The Doom Knight

In sixth place, we have the Doom Knight from Act 4. They deal special damage and are especially notorious for stripping your character of all your spells. This can be super frustrating for any player who has plenty of experience, and has packed his character with tonnes of spells to annihilate. Then comes a doom knight and strips off everything.

No. 5: The Tomb Viper

At number 5, we have the Tomb viper who can be super annoying for players trying to get the D key. You get loads of them swarming around you, and despite having maximum resistance… They poison you and you’re dead. Just like that.

No. 4: The Sand Maggot

Coming in at number four is none other than The Sand Maggot. You’re just starting out and you’re passing through the sand maggot zone but you have no teleport at this point. As soon as you kill one, these strange egg-like larva pop open and little ones just come at you. Just picturing this is more than enough for us!

No. 3: The Burning soul (and other souls)

The Burning Soul, but also all souls in Diablo 2, have come in our top three places because they are super annoying. This is mainly because once they get you, you instantly die and there’s no going back.

No.2: Carrion Bird (the little vultures)

Now in the top two, we’ve got The Carrion Bird – these have got to be one of everyone’s least favourite enemies. This is because when these are flying there is absolutely nothing one can do. You cannot attack them in any way whatsoever unless it lands. You could spend quite some time waiting for these annoying creatures to land and they just won’t. Which is why the Carrion Bird is our number 2.

No.1: The Cow King

At number one we have the Cow king. This is, in our most humble opinion, the most annoying monster in Diablo 2. True, if you manage to kill a Cow King then chances are there will be some super epic drops in there for you. But then if you’re playing with someone, you know you’re helping them out or you’re trying to level them up and all of a sudden they kill YOUR Cow King. They take the items and you’re left with nothing. Absolutely… nothing.

Well, that sums it up for our top seven most annoying monsters in Diablo 2. What are your experiences of the most annoying monsters in Diablo 2? Are they the same or do you have some other annoying monsters in mind? Leave us a comment below!

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