8 most annoying Diablo 2 monsters

8 most annoying diablo 2 monsters

Returning to Diablo 2 after almost a decade reminded me of two things: I’m still a horrible Bowazon and, if left unsupervised, I’ll play until sunrise. I had more than a few deja-vu moments on hardcore (HC) playthroughs getting insta-gibbed by certain mobs. Mechanically, a few Diablo 2 monsters can be frustratingly annoying, and then when paired with a few traits and champion they can be quite rage inducing. Collected below are a few of the infamous denizens of Sanctuary that can ruin your character’s day.

1. Vampires

Easy to deal with during early game, the first annoying monster you face in Act 1. Later those fireballs can deal a little damage, but at least they aren’t Imps so you won’t be one-shot by Infernos if you aren’t paying attention. On higher difficulties, they pack a punch and dodge killing blows like Neo from the Matrix. Skipping groups of these won’t save your character’s life, but it will save a headache if you’re not trying to fully clear the dungeon.

2. Fetishes and Fetish Shamans

 You can’t have one without the other, these obnoxious mobs get old fast. The “Cowards!” you’ll shout at the mobs of flailing arms and teeth at lower levels turns to desperate silent frustration at higher ones because of one key mechanic: They run faster than you do. Though popcorn chicken to be gobbled up by Amazon and Sorceress classes, melee oriented characters are exploded by one shot Inferno blasts in late game, or chased down by dart blowing gremlins while their leader shouts from another one’s back.

3. Demon Imps

Any move kit based around ranged attacks and teleportation can get old to fight against. It’s annoying how these Imps dance around the edge of screen: Finally get them low health and suddenly they teleport somewhere new and shoot fireballs at you. This combination gripe is centered on both monsters’ ability to teleport and mountable tower or demon that allows them to cast Inferno. Mostly skipped over for farming other monsters in Act 5, Imps are better left to AoE and ranged characters if you don’t want it to cast Inferno on you from the back of a Siege Beast.

4. Gloams

I hope you have Lightning Resistance, because these off screen shots will hurt and they drain mana. They have no reaction time, so they shoot immediately, and they move really fast. Dodging mobs of these is tough because of their range and speed, and their lightning passes thru targets. Is it shooting at you? Is it shooting at someone on screen or at someone else on the server? It doesn’t matter to the loams; just dodge the lightning bolts and max lightning resistance first.

5. Tomb Vipers

Claw Vipers aren’t really a challenge but all that changes once they’re filling a room up with poison gas. Tomb Vipers can drop you in seconds with stacking poison DoTs (Damage over time). So much damage that it’s bugged, Tomb Vipers get worse when Unique or Super Unique modifiers. A single modifier like ‘extra strong’ makes their damage more ridiculous, but luckily the developers made them extra squishy so you can clear them out quick.

6. Ghosts/Physical Immune

So annoying a move set kit the developers decided to give it to other monsters in Unique form, Physical Immune (PI) monsters are the worst. Ghosts get other fun abilities though like no unit collision, so they can stack on top of each other. This might line them up for the Amazons and Sorceresses but most other classes struggle with them. They steal mana whenever they do damage to you as well, fun. Most builds for classes that are weak to PI monsters are theory crafted way before playing, making it one of the few that are deliberately planned for.

7. Hierophants

These fun variants are everything you’re not looking for in a monster: They deal damage cold damage late game and lightning damage early game, and have the ability to heal other monsters. A group of Heirophants with unique modifiers in the late game will heal each other, chain freeze you, while dealing tons of damage. Another ‘kill first’ monster that makes you wish they had longer death animations, so you can truly enjoy vanquishing these vile mobs.

8. Undead Stygian Dolls/Suicide Minions

Mild irritation can turn to frustration quickly in gaming, especially when insta-gibbed by exploding minions in a Hardcore run in Diablo 2. There is no other, more rage inducing, mob in the D2 universe, as your character is exploded because of a misclick while trying to kite mobs of these little guys. Unforgiving, these little buggers move as fast as Fetishes, but without any of the cowardice. Watch your health drop from 100 to 0 as the red pain train of little suicide bombers takes chunks of your life fast. If that mechanic wasn’t in the game enough, they added literally the exact same minion but a little slower and larger later in the same level. Like zombie hands scaring you out of your seat in RE2, these mobs make you scared of doors. Be happy your pets can still attack doors in D2, unlike the King of Mediocre ARPGs, Diablo 3.

More annoying Diablo 2 Monsters?

Which monsters do you feel are monitor-smashing worthy? Do you have any tips for newbies against these monsters?

Let us know in the comments!

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