Diablo 2 Druid Bear Builds

Everything about Towndump Werebear Druid Builds in Diablo 2 Resurrected

Maul Bear / Towndump Werebear Build
Art by Swenom

The Town Dump Werebear is an improved version of the Maul Bear build. It’s a hybrid Druid build that relies on the Maul skill and the Werebear form in combination with some summoning skills. The Dire Wolves and the Grizzly are very useful companions as they deal decent damage while protecting your character at the same time.

Towndump Werebear Skills

The original Maul Bear build invests 20 points in the following primary skills:

  • Maul: It’s the main source of damage that increases with each hit.
  • Werebear: It allows you to use the Maul skill. Also, it boosts your life points and your defense.
  • Lycanthropy: It provides sustainability as it increases your life total and the duration of your transformation.
  • Heart of Wolverine: It helps you and your party to hit more often.

The Town Dump Werebear version cut some points from the Maul and the Werebear skills, in order to spend the points in the summoning skills. It follows the skill distribution below:

Shapeshifting skills

  • Lycanthropy (20): It’s the key to surviving in higher difficulties because it extends your life points while in Werebear form.
  • Werebear: It’s recommended to spend just a point here until you max out the other primary skills. Later, don’t hesitate to spend any spare points in this skill.
  • Maul (5): It’s the main attack of the build. You can place additional points here at the higher levels.
  • Hunger (1): It’s a helpful skill as it lets you leech life and mana from your enemies.
  • Shock Wave (1): It’s a useful skill for controlling crowds because it can stun your enemies.

Summoning skills

  • Heart of Wolverine (20): It’s the best spirit for this build.
  • Summon Dire Wolf (20): The Dire wolves can deal decent amounts of damage and you can summon more wolves when they die.
  • Summon Grizzly (20): This is the Druid’s most powerful summon, especially for slaying Bosses.

Towndump Werebear Equipment

The key equipment of the build is the Immortal King’s Stone Crusher with 4 or 5 set’s pieces.  Jalal’s Mane is a popular choice for headgear.

This provides the weapon with great elemental damage of different types along with the decent physical damage. It’s the best way for dealing with the physical immune enemies because of both Maul and your summons deal only physical damage.


  • Beast or Breath of the Dying


  • Phoenix


  • Jalal’s Mane


  • Fortitude


  • Chains of Honor


  • Gore Rider


  • Arachnid Mesh


  • Dracul’s Grasp


  • Raven Frost 


  • Angelic Halo


  • Angelic Wings

Towndump Werebear Stats

Strength: After level 76, you will need about 223-232 points into Strength in order to equip the Immortal Kings set.

Dexterity: Keep this attribute low.

Vitality: Invest all the points left in your health pool.

Energy: Don’t waste any points on your Energy.


  • The general gameplay is to engage in melee combat with Maul skill along with your Dire Wolves, being supported by the mercenary Aura and the Heart of Wolverine Spirit.
  • Hunger serves as a situational refill of both health and mana.
  • You can use Shock Wave in large minion packs in order to reduce the incoming damage until the enemies are dead.
  • The Grizzly sustains better the tough Bosses’ heavy elemental damage than the group of wolves.