Delivery Guarantee


Get your Delivery Within 30 Minuets or all your money back

Plus all the items for free!

  • Terms & Conditions

  • One of our core missions is to provide an exceptional service.

  • To achive this, we need to set high standards for ourselves.

  • That's why we decided to put up this guarantee.

  • If we screw up, no problemo, we will send you back your funds without taking a breath!

  • That being said, we will have to set a few exceptions to avoid scammers.

  • The 30 minuets start at the very moment we recive the payment notifiation.

  • This is automatic and the order status changes to "paid".

  • You can see this at any time in your account/order at the bottom ("history").

  • Our "30 minutes or it's free" guarantee only applies to orders with less than 100 items and with no more than 2 of the same "one-per-char" items (anni, torch, gheed). All items must be ordered at the same realm (no mixed orders).

  • The guarantee only holds up for 1 order/day.

  • If you place multiple orders within 24 hours and we fail to deliver more than 1 of these, you will only get the first failed order for free.

  • It might be possible that we lose some items caused by a game crash, and don't have the same item with the same stats in stock anymore.

  • That's why we reserve the right to fulfill your order as a "partial delivery".

  • If we do so, the partial delivery must contain at least 50% of the items, otherwise it's free for you.

  • We need to actually be able to connect to the This is obvious.

  • This also applies to a possible server or website outage.

  • Basically, if we cannot connect to bnet - or can't access our website - we can't work on your order.

  • The order counts as "delivered" at the very moment you have access to the mule account data.

  • At the end of the payment process you will get redirected back to our website where you will find the mule account data. You are always able to access the mule account data by logging into the website, clicking on "Your Account > My Orders > View Details".

  • Additionally, an email will be sent out. Claiming you never received an email doesn't count, as you have access to the mule account data through the website.

  • Please note that this is a delivery guarantee, not a "delivery-and-mule" guarantee. The guarantee is not for our mule helper. So if you have access to the mule account data, we have done our job and the guarantee stops there :)

  • We reserve the right to put certain orders into REVIEW status and request additional information from the buyer.

  • The "30 minutes or it's free" guarantee does not apply to these orders, as in these are in MANUAL REVIEW mode, which may take a few hours.

  • We reserve the right to withdraw the delivery guarantee without prior intimation.

  • The "30 minutes or it's free" guarantee may be withdrawn temporarily in view of difficult operating conditions for delivery.

  • Basically, Just Common Sense