Crafted Items

diablo 2 crafted items

Crafted items (orange title) are similar to Rare Items, but you cannot find them through gambling, Monster drops or in Chests. You can only create them using The Horadric Cube.

Also, Crafted Items are a form of “Gambling” for high-level players as they spend their resources until they create an Item with the attributes they desire. Some Crafted Items can be better than Rare Items and sometimes better than some Set or Unique Items.

Crafted Items can have up to 4 Fixed Properties

A Crafted Item has one or more fixed bonuses. For instance, there are some Crafted Items guaranteed to provide 5-10% Chance of the Crushing Blow effect. In contrast with Magic and Rare Items, you will know the basic bonuses you are going to get from crafting an item.

Crafted Items have 1-4 Random Magical Prefixes/Suffixes

Except for these fixed properties, a Crafted Item can have up to 4 standard Magic and Rare Suffixes and Prefixes. These attributes are generated the same way as a Rare item.

  • iLevel (Item Level) 1-30: 40% for 1 affix and 20% for 2, 3 or 4 affixes.
  • Item Level 31-50: 60% chance for 2 affixes and 20% chance for 3 or 4 affixes.
  • iLevel 51-70: 80% for 3 affixes and 20% chance for 4 affixes.
  • Item Level 71+: 100% chance for 4 affixes.

When you use an Item to craft a new one, the initial item loses all of its Magical Suffixes/Prefixes. It’s similar to the Imbue quest reward that it consumes the base item and then creates a new one with new magical properties.

In addition, The Level Requirement of a Crafted Item will be higher in comparison with a rare item even if they offer the same random prefixes and suffixes.

When you craft an Item, you don’t know if it will be a powerful Item due to the random bonuses. Still, you have a better chance than gambling for a Rare Item or trying to find a Rare Item from Monster’s drops. Since Crafted Items provide fixed stats, you have more control regarding the magical bonuses that will appear.

Further, it’s possible to stack the fixed Magical Suffixes and Prefixes with the regular Magical Suffixes and Prefixes that can appear on Rare Items. This allows you to create bonuses that are much higher than the attributes that normally appear on a Rare Item. This doesn’t mean you can keep the Magical effects of the item you place in the Horadric Cube though. It means that you can combine the fixed Crafted attributes with the normal Magic Suffixes and Prefixes.

All Prefixes and Suffixes can appear on a Crafted Item as long as their level matches the Crafted Item’s level.craf

Crafted Item Formulas

If you want to craft an Item, you have to place the listed Ingredients into your Horadric Cube and hit the Transmute button. You must use the exact ingredients, including the exact piece of Weapon or Armor.

The Crafted Recipe doesn’t work

If a Recipe doesn’t seem to work for you, most likely you are doing something wrong. Ensure that you use the correct item type. For example, if a Recipe requires a “Belt”, it means it needs the specific Item under the title “Belt”, not any kind of belt. Also, make sure you have read carefully all of the requirements.



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