chainlightning sorceress

Chain Lightning Sorceress

As the name of the build indicates, the Chain Lightning Sorceress takes advantage of the Lightning spells of the class and especially of the Chain Lightning.

Enchantress build


This unique Sorceress build is based on Enchant spell and it can be entirely weapon-based. Apart from allies, an enchantress can cast Enchant on herself

fireball sorceress

Fireball Sorceress

This build relies on the fire spells of the sorceress: the Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, Meteor and Fire Mastery. It is a strong build due

firewall sorceress

Firewall Sorceress

The Fire Wall Sorceress is a build based on the Fire Wall Spell. The high bonus granted by the Fire Mastery grants is making Fire Wall deal extreme

frozen orb sorceress

Frozen Orb Sorceress

This Sorceress build is based on one skill and that is Frozen Orb. With the proper gear, the build is good for both PvE (player

melee sorceress

Melee Sorceress

The Melee Sorceress (or Meleeress) is a build that converts the traditional magic casting Sorceress into a melee fighter. The class isn’t designed for this kind of use, but

Meteorb Sorceress

Meteorb Sorceress

The Meteorb Sorceress build relies on the Frozen Orb and Meteor spells. In comparison to other Sorceress builds, it may have a lower damage output, but it

fendazon build

Fendazon Build

The main trait of this Amazon build is the use of the Fend skill. This results in a melee fighter with much durability that can take down

Angelzon build

Angelzon Build

The Angelzon build relies mostly on equipment rather than the skills. It takes advantage of items with the effects “%chance to cast spell/skill on striking”, “attacker receives

lightjab build

Lightjab Build

This is an Amazon build based on two skills, Lightning Fury and Jab. This way, the build can perform well versus large groups of monsters and single

passivezon build

Passivezon Build

The Passivezon is a not so popular Amazon Build that relies exclusively on “Passive and Magic skills” tree unless you want to follow a more hybrid build. In comparison

plagazon build

Plagazon Build

A Plagazon (or Poisonzon) is an Amazon category that relies on the Poison Javelin and Plague Javelin skills. It is a less popular alternative to the Lightjab (Thunderfury) build. It depends less on synergies than

Hybridazon build

Hybridazon Build

A Hybridazon is a combination of two other Amazon builds. For example, you can combine the Javazon with the Passivezon, Javazon/Bowazon or Passivezon/Bowazon. This is a great type of

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