diablo 2 crafted items

Crafted Items

Crafted items (orange title) are similar to Rare Items, but you cannot find them through gambling, Monster drops or in Chests. You can only create

Unique Items

These type of Items contains a legendary and powerful form of Power. You can encounter them during your adventure, but they are among the most

diablo 2 items

Items: Basics

Item Management Since Diablo 2 allows for a small inventory for each character, you will have to manage your items constantly. Also, you will have

diablo 2 charms


Diablo 2 Charms are special items that grant their magical bonuses simply by including them in your inventory. However, they do not provide their bonuses

diablo act boss


The Lord of Terror’s true name is Al’Diabalos and he’s the youngest among the Prime Evils. He’s the primary antagonist of the game and the

diablo 2 baal


Baal’s actual name is Tor’Baalos and he is also known as the Lord Of Destruction, which indicates the name of the game’s expansion (Diablo 2:


Dul’Mephistos or the Lord of Hatred is one of the three Prime Evils. He rules over the Realm of Hatred in the Burning Hells. The Dark

diablo 2 duriel


He’s also known as the Lord of Pain and he’s Andariel’s twin brother and one of the four Lesser Evils. Also, Duriel controls the Realm of


  The maiden of Anguish is one of the Lesser Evils and she ruled over the Realm of Anguish in Burning Hells. Same as all

diablo 2 bosses

Act Bosses

An Act Boss is the Boss that appears at the end of each Act. When you defeat it, you grant access to the following Act.

Diablo 2 towndumpwearbear build

Maul Bear/ Towndump Werebear Build

The Town Dump Werebear is an improved version of the Maul Bear build. It’s a hybrid Druid build that relies on the Maul skill and the Werebear

Diablo 2 flamethrower build

Flamethrower Build

Flamethrower with a Tank is a Diablo 2 Druid build that is similar to Fire Druid but it removes the Armageddon in order to invest points in

diablo 2 beastmasterbuild

Beastmaster Build

The Beastmaster or Hunter is a Diablo 2 Druid build that invests points on the summoning skill tree and relies only on the summoned minions.

Diablo 2 windy build

Wind Druid Build

Wind Druid Build (or Windys) uses the physical and cold spells of the Elemental skill tree. These skills such as Hurricane and Tornado synergize with each

diablo 2 hybrid werewolf build

Fury / Hybrid Werewolf Build

  The Fury Werewolf is a Druid build that focuses on the skills Fury and Werewolf while having a very large Health pool. It has the ability to reach more than 5,000

diablo 2 fireclaws werewolf build

Fireclaws Werewolf/ Werebear Build

Fireclaws Druid is a build that relies on the Fireclaws skill along with the Werebear or Werewolf form.  However, the Fireclaws/Werebear combination seems to be

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