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diablo 2 itemsItem Management

Since Diablo 2 allows for a small inventory for each character, you will have to manage your items constantly. Also, you will have to figure out what items are the most expensive so you will pick them up and sell them to town vendors.

However, you can pick up every single item and return to town for selling when your inventory is full, but this will take you much more time to progress or clear areas. Note that if you leave an item for about 10-30 minutes (depending on the item’s rarity) it will disappear.

  • 10 minutes: Potions, Keys, Tomes, Scrolls, Arrows and Bolts.
  • 10 minutes: Any Weapon and Armor of quality lower than magic, including Ethereal and Socketed Items.
  • 10 minutes: Pandemonium artifacts such as Key of Terror, Hate, and Destruction, Baal’s Eye, Mephisto’s Brain, and Diablo’s Horn. Also the Token of Absolution and the 4 flavors of Essences
  • 20 minutes: Gems. Runes and Magic Items
  • 30 minutes: Crafted, Rare, Set, Unique Items.

Stackable Items

You can stack some specific items on top of each other in order to fit in the same inventory slot. This way you will save some of your inventory space. Some examples are keys, throwing potions, arrows, bolts and other throwing items like knives, throwing axes and javelins.

Items’ rarity order

The order is from the rarest to the least rare items:

Unique Items > Set Items > Rare Items > Magic Items > High Quality Items > Normal Items > Low Quality Items.


Every item that you can equip has its own durability that is being lowered while you are using it in battle. When its durability drops to zero, you can’t use this item anymore, unless you repair it. In every town, there is an NPC that can repair your armor and weapons for a price. This price depends on the rarity of items. The maximum durability that an item can have is 333.


Most kinds of weapons and armor can appear in the Ethereal version, except Bows and Crossbows. Ethereal items appear translucent while you have them equipped or in your Inventory. In addition, they lose their durability at a slower rate in comparison with other items and they don’t lose any durability when your mercenary is equipped with them.

Ethereal weapons offer 50% more base damage and Ethereal armor provides +50% base defense. However, they have a reduced Durability and you cannot repair them. Keep in mind that you can place indestructible Zod Runes in some Ethereal items in order to prevent their destruction.

Crude, Low Quality, Cracked, Damaged items

These types of items provide fewer stats compared to their normal versions. Thus, they are useful mostly for selling them at town vendors.

Superior Weapons and Armor

Superior items offer better stats that you can see below:

  • Attack Rating: +1 to +3
  • Defense: +5% to +15%
  • Damage: +5% to +15% or +1 to minimum damage
  • Durability: +10% to +15%


Circlets are Helms that provide Magical Suffixes and Prefixes that you would not get at a helm otherwise. Also, Circlets often have less Defense than the regular Helmets.

Class-specific Items

These items are only usable by a specific class and they offer some abilities only to that class (such as additional points to skills).

Charged Items

These magic items allow the player to use a specific skill with a limited number of uses. Some of these skills can be triggered under certain conditions such as “when attacking an enemy”.

The skills from charged items appear in the list with your normal skills, and you can set it on your right or left mouse button, just like any other skills. When you run out of charges, you can visit a Blacksmith to repair the item and recharge it.

Finding Good Items

Below there are some tips for finding more Magic, Rare, Set, and Unique Items:

  • Use items that boost the Magic Finding chance
  • Open up all Barrels, Chests, and Rocks: They have a good chance of dropping good items, especially if you use a decent amount of Magic Find. Also, you should always carry some keys with you for opening locked chests.
  • Kill Unique Monsters and Champions. Try to always kill these type of enemies as they have a better chance of dropping good items. Don’t hesitate to farm again the areas where these monsters appear more frequently.
  • Kill groups Monsters: It’s a good method to visit rooms full of monsters that you can slay quickly. The more enemies you kill in a certain amount of time, the better your chance is for finding worthy items.
  • Activate Evil Urns and Monster Shrines: They will spawn Champions or Unique Monsters that have a better chance of dropping valuable items.

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