6 ways to get the Diablo 2 items you want!

6 ways to get the diablo 2 items you want
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Are you frustrated with the countless Magic Finding runs that don’t reward you with Diablo 2 items you want? Are you bored of farming again and again the same monsters just to get useless items?

Although Magic Finding is the most popular way for obtaining items with high value, it’s not always efficient. Especially if you don’t have the best possible MF gear or if you don’t play with an 8-player party most of the time, you’ll have a hard time finding the high-value items.

That’s why we’ve gathered the best ways for making wealth in Diablo 2!

1. Crafting/Rerolling Skillers Grand Charms

The Skillers Grand Charms (GC) are those that grant the character +points to certain skills. Some kinds of them have great trading value, especially if they boost other attributes, such as health. The best Grand Charms are the ones that boost powerful skills from popular classes like Paladins or Sorceresses.

The plan is to pick up Grand Charms from areas such as Flayer Jungle, Travincal and Great Marsh in Hell difficulty (for the best result, the charm should be from Diablo, nihlathak or baal) and transmute them in the Horadric Cube along with 3 Perfect Gems.

However, you will need a lot of perfect gems in order to craft something tradable. Some good places to farm Flawless Gems are Travincal, Cow Level, Diablo and Baal runs (Nightmare and Hell difficulties). Note that gathering Perfect Gems is a good business on its own, as you can trade batches of them for worthy items like Runes. Then, you can collect and craft even higher Runes and trade them for more expensive items.

All grand charms from Nightmare or Hell difficulty can offer +skills and up to +40life. However, the Charms you loot from Nihlathak, Diablo or Baal can have up to +45 to life, which is the maximum possible.

2. Gold Finding/Gambling

The aim of “Gamblers” is to gather huge amounts of gold in order to buy Unidentified Circlets and Amulets from gambling vendors, hoping to find a really powerful item that they can later trade. The chance of finding a worthy item is low, but this is also the reason why you can trade it for valuable items.

For this purpose, you will need a build like the Gold Find (Horker) Barbarian, which is more efficient at gold finding trips. Also, you will need items that boost your extra gold finding percentage. Such items are the Chance Guards, Goldskin, Gheed’s Fortune, Goldwrap and the Rhyme Runeword. The best area for Gold Finding is the Hell difficulty Council, after the Travincal waypoint in Act 3 (up by the Compelling Orb).

Keep in mind that higher level characters are able to store more gold in their inventories and stashes. A character can carry 10,000 gold per level in his inventory, up to the amount of 990,000 gold at level 99. You can keep in your stash up to a maximum of 2,500,000 gold at level 99.

3. Forge rushing

The aim here is to use fast teleporting characters in order to rush low-level players through the entire game difficulties. What is your reward? The Runes dropped from the Hellforge Quest in Act 4.

Note that a good rusher can carry a character from Normal Act 1 to Act 5 in 10 to 15 minutes or less. However, it’s best to rush characters to Hell difficulty as the Hellforge can drop higher runes (as high as Gul). Of course, it’s a little harder due to tougher monsters, but the reward is great.

Then, you can collect some Runes or even cube Higher Runes. High Runes are always on demand, so you shouldn’t have problems to trade them for useful items.

4. Key/Organ Hunting

Key hunting means that you aim for gathering sets of keys, which you can later trade for great items. The targets for these special keys are Act 1’s Countess, Act 2’s Summoner, and Act 5’s Nihlathak in Hell mode. They drop the Key of Terror, Key of Hate and Key of Destruction respectively. It’s possible to receive over one key in a single fight.

If you cube an entire keyset in Hell Act 4, you will open one of the 3 portals to Uber-versions of Andariel (Lilith), Izual and Duriel. These Bosses drop organs which you can later transmute for opening the Uber Tristram Portal.

Further, you can extend this business into hunting organs. This means that you won’t trade the keys you collect. Instead, you will transmute them to open the minor Uber Bosses portals. There are many character builds you can use to kill these monsters. Then, you can either trade the organs individually or as a set for opening the way to Uber Tristram. You won’t face problems to trade keys and especially organs, as players are always willing to trade nice items for them.

5. Hellfire Torch Trading

If your character can defeat the Uber Tristam Bosses, it’s not a bad idea to farm Hellfire Torches. However, every character can hold only 1 Torch, so you will need some mule characters as well.

The Hellfire Torch is a great item to trade as it has a high value. In earlier versions of the game players couldn’t trade a Hellfire Torch through the trade window, but now this has been fixed and made possible with patch 1.13.

6. Magic Finding

Last but not least, Magic Finding is the most common method for finding valuable items. Nevertheless, you will need good MF gear in order to make efficient Magic Finding runs. Otherwise, it’s pointless to make these runs with a low MF bonus as you will not get many worthy items.

So, how do you find good Magic Finding gear to start making efficient runs, without wasting so much time?

One option is to follow one of the above strategies and trade the above-mentioned items for some great MF items. Another option that can save you much time is to buy basic MF equipment from our store! This is the fastest way to start making rewarding runs and make wealth in the game.

If you liked the article and you want more info, you can read our other articles regarding the new ladder reset, our build guides or visit our store to find your favorite items! Stay tuned!


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